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BubbleValse is an ear training tool both for music students & for those who just simply want to improve their musical ear. It helps to improve listening skills, develops the relative pitch recognition ability & is a powerful tool towards developing perfect pitch by daily exercises.The training by BubbleValse is easy, amusing, relaxing & challenging at the same time.
Works / tested both on mobile & tablet devices.
How to play the game:
* Press the blue play button to start
* Press the bubble to hear a tone. You can press the bubble as many times as you wish for listening. Try to find the same tone on the piano
* Correct answer gives you 1 point & brings you to the next bubble tone - press the bubble anew for listening. Wrong answer will cost you 1 point & you still must find the tone you just missed... There is no time limitation but if your score goes under 0 then the game will end
* You can end the game whenever you want by pressing the red end button & save your scores if you wish
Develop & challenge your ear & music skills & enjoy learning with BubbleValse!Have a fun time!